Re: [MH-list] Can you help....logistics.



Well, I now know how much I'm going to spend on diesel to get to/from any of
the ferry ports. Next move is to find out what each crossing will cost me.
Buts thats not so easy, as the ferry companies seem rather coy about revealing
their prices.

The on-line system seems to be that you tell them when you want to travel,
and they tell you how much it will cost. But I am aware that there are
different prices for different sailings. As it matters not when I travel, my interest
is in taking the cheapest option, but to find that, you have to make several
dummy bookings, and even then you don't know if you have missed a better
deal. Or maybe I am a techno-wimp? Probably!

The easy solution is to look at their paper brochure/timetable, but in this
part of the UK you walk into a travel agent (nearest is 10 miles away), ask
for a brochure......and the lady goes all po-faced and denies having such a
document. So, _www.yell.com_ ( for Brittany Ferries,
Transmanche, and Sea France, and phone (free), ask them to send me their brochures.

Another crazy feature is the time the journey takes. When traveling via
Portsmouth (nearest ferry) I leave home at least five hours before the departure
time, usually more. The crossing can take up to 8 hours. Plus travel at the
other end. But I have driven from Dinan to Calais, taken the tunnel, then
driven from Dover to Swansea in 12 hours, without exceeding the speed limit.

If you have a dog, do not book to return to UK on a Monday. Your vet will
charge extra for a weekend appointment.



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