Re: [MH-list] 15 amp trip

Simon Whitehead

Electrophile, surely!

Certainly use 15amp breaker as already advised. Also, try to find a
"fast" breaker that allows a minimum of overload.
There are breakers and breakers. Some are designed to allow for the
overload current demanded by electric motors starting current. Clearly
you wouldn't want one of these.
Another option is to go for an even lower current such as 10 or 12 amps.


On 11 Oct 2008, at 15:19, "donald9605" <don.newton@...>

Here is one for Ernb or all other electrophobes.

When overwintering for a lengthy period of time I use a site supplying

I would like to avoid having to get the site manager to reset the trip
(in a locked box) every time we inadvertantly

go over the 16 amps. This is a pain if it is late evening/early

What simple, cost effective, piece of kit can I install in the main
supply cable to say trip the supply at

15 amps and then can be reset by me?

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