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Pet Human <pethuman@...>

mike.motorhome wrote:
It's good to see that someone has his warranty. I fixed the elbows
myself with sawn-off biro tubes but Lunar doesn't know that.
Well, they probably do know. I'd be surprised if someone from Lunar
isn't keeping a quiet eye on all this.

Mike, I have read every page on your website, and I'm going to offer a
few comments on the whole. Please not that I have no conection with
Lunar or any part of the motorhome industry; I'm just someone thinking
of buying a campervan or motorhome, who stumbled on this mailing list a
few days ago, and then saw your posts about your website.

The first thing is that it's incredibly hard to figure from the website
what your problems are with Lunar, and what you want done about it all.
Your website has lots and lots of words, many of them waxing lyrical
about how you think their business should be better organised, other
words direly predicting what may befall Lunar if they don't help you ...
but nowhere in the midst of it all is there a simple summary in which
you set out what the problem is, and what you want done. Without that,
I found myself losing the will to live on my first two attempts to read
your website, and only persevered a third time out of a stubborn
fascination at the sheer verbosity and incoherence of what I was reading.

You will probably be quite offended by the previous paragraph, but I'm
sorry: your website IS verbose and incoherent. It circles around the
point without ever getting near to it.

Reading your correspondence with Lunar and with your dealer, I can see
that you do indeed appear to have had some genuine problems with them.
But it also seems to me that you have handled this in a way which made
it very difficult for them to help you:

* at nearly every point you were unclear about what you wanted
* you paid over money without having a clear written agreement of what
you were getting for it (that's a mistake for both you and Lunar, but
both sides should have foreseen the trouble that would cause)
* There appear to be big chunks missing from the published
correspondence, because at several points you refer to things which
aren't covered in any of he other letters.

I started by looking at the correspondence with a lot of sympathy for
you, because you appeared to be someone who had paid out a lot of money
for a motorhome and not received what they wanted. But by the time I
had finished reading it all, my sympathies had swung round quite
strongly to Lunar's side.

You say that Lunar has stopped replying to your letters, and that's why
you have been campaigning publicly. But I have to say that if I was
working for Lunar, I too would have stopped replying to your letters,
because there was no sign that any further correspondence with you could
have gotten anywhere; it would just have generated more words without
clarifying what you actually wanted.

If you were still dissatisfied, you should have gone to Trading
Standards and pressed your case; they would probably have reminded you
of the importance of clarifying what you wanted. But instead you tried
to generate a barrage of bad publicity for Lunar, which will only put
their backs up, and will generate results for you only if you can make a
really big storm.

However, I genuinely doubt that you will succeed in generating any sort
of a storm at all. The magazines you plan to approach would be very
ill-advised to take up the case of someone who has consistently been so
unclear about what they want, particularly since a quick glance at their
pages will show you that they depend heavily on advertising from the
manufacturers. They are gong to be slow to bite the hand that feeds
them, and are most unlikely to join in any crusade.

If you try to make a nuisance of yourself at Lunar's stand in the NEC I
expect that you will be politely escorted away by the security staff who
will have been warned to watch out for you. That may not feel fair, but
it's the way these things work.

Nor has your attempt to recruit other dissatisfied customers borne
fruit, so it looks like you'll be on your own in your storm-making. The
three emails published on your website consist of:

* "“untrustfuls” near Slough, who bought one motorhome they were
delighted with, and found that when they tried delaying their order, the
order was abandoned by the supplier. The supplier probably should have
been more communicative, but it doesn't seem to me to be unreasonable to
lose interest in completing an order if the client messes you around.
And it's all nothing to do with Lunar.

* "JananBill", who describes poor service from Halls Motorhomes. Sounds
bad, but again it's nothing to do with Lunar or with your dealer

* "Vigilant-vanners", who bought yet another brand of motorhome from yet
another dealer, and only got satisfaction after going to court.

And that's it. Three complaints from three different people, all
involving different companies. Were they just unlucky? It's hard to
tell, but three dissatisfied customers out of thousands can be found in
any industry. So far, you've got nothing to support your claim that
Lunar are terrible.

It sounds like you are determined to proceed to make as much noise as
you can, but I don't think it'll have much effect other than to give you
the satisfaction of making a little noise. Only a very little noise,
mind you: for all your big talk of a storm, the question has to be "you
and whose army?"

And in a way I think that's a pity, because the Camping & Caravan Club's
survey show an unacceptable level of quality problems in British-made
caravans and motorhomes, which compare very poorly with German models.
Some sort of wider campaign to draw attention to these poor standards is
probably well-justified, but the complaints need to be much better
formulated than yours.

That's my thoughts. Make of it what you will!

Best wishes, Pet Human

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