Re: [MH-list] Re: 15 amp trip

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 12/10/08 19:55, "Andy Clarke" <andy@...> wrote:

There's one on this page:
Thanks, Andy, A useful bit of kit. Being the cause of a power shut-down can
be quite embarrassing. My 600W kettle tripped the supply at Clères. It had
gone "leaky" and tripped the earth leakage relay.

Fortunately, the switch box could be opened easily and the switch reset. And
I "cured" my kettle by cutting the earth wire. I do not know why it had one,
really, as it was 100% double insulated. I could not imagine anyone dipping
a finger in boiling water just to test for an electric shock. And if they
had, guess what? The ELR would have tripped just the same.

Before anyone goes ape, it is now in a recycling box somewhere.


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