Re: [MH-list] Motorhome Petition to No10

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 8/10/08 11:27, "Andy Clarke" <andy@...> wrote:

I wonder who the 'Motohome Caravanners Club' are, I've never heard of them.

Honestly, a petition worded like that one is not going to cut it with
anyone. Exactly what are the 'emmission charges' referred to in the
petition? There is no such thing in law as a 'motorhome' so they can't
be exempted from anything.
I signed the petition, but I was thinking the same, Andy. Cannot do any

I am reminded that Road Fund Licenses may go up next year for "Gas
guzzlers.". Do they? How much for my 2.7L Sprinter?

I have tried googling for the answers, but can only find people moaning
about swingeing unspecified increases.


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