Re: [MH-list] Re:Lunar lunarcy - a new website explains it all

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On 7/10/08 23:51, "James" <sandyketton@...> wrote:

The contract is with the supplier. Go for the throat!
Correct. Your contract was with Freedom Motorhomes. You deal with them in
the first instance, although there is no harm in copying all of your
correspondence with them to Lunar to keep them in the loop.

But I say again, your first place for help is Gloucester Trading Standards.
They may have dealt with other complaints against your dealer, and make no
mistake, they have powers denied to you. See here: -

Once they get the details they will tell you exactly what to do. In a
matter that Bristol T S helped us with, they dictated a letter to write and
checked up about a week later to see if our complaint was resolved. The
letter did the trick. We had an immediate reply from a director at company
HQ (A large international store.) giving us a contact at the Bristol store.
They fell over to see the matter put away.

Your alternative action would be to give lots on money to a solicitor. Do
not go there unless you have to. What might be useful is to pay a MH expert
to survey the van. He will write exactly what is wrong - including lots of
things you have probably not yet noticed - and that will carry more weight
than anything you can say.

If it is as bad you say, your ultimate sanction would be return the van for
a full refund plus reasonable expenses.


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