Re: The Bank Crisis - OT

Rodney Spotter <lakenham@...>

Hello all,
             All this talk of debs in figures that most people can,t even imagine I,ll bet you the only ones to come out of this without having to pay for it from their pockets are the people who caused it in the first place, the so called bankers who live by creative accounting(or fraud in your case) who have seen this coming and hid their bonus away some where, i,e, the head of a large building society who cashed in his two million plus pounds worth of shares two weeks before the s**t hit the fan, legalized crooks the lot of them who have nobody's interest but their own at heart, I can,t wait until next April to see why I can,t have a increase in my pension, I lost faith a long time ago with the British fair play tradition, a country which is now run by consultants (somebody who can,t do the job themselves but can tell you how ) but i,m afraid we are all stuck with it because most other countries after the disclosures of this week
appear to be worse than us, all living a dream that in the long run has to be paid for and we all know by who,

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