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so whats the URL ?

Google returns 120,000 hits on lunar lunacy

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should not have accepted van in that state anyway should have
refused as goods not of merchantable quality and demanded deposit back

Thanks - the van was in running order when we collected it. We had
said much earlier that we wanted work to be done on it so the dealer

asked for the total price of the van before work started. Then there

were further delays. As said, we told the dealer not to do the work

and collected it somewhat later.

Ebows on the water pipes into the tank got broken by us (poor design -

unprotected) and we went back to place an order. The workshop manager

at Freedom Motorhomes took a phone-photo and said he would place the


That was in mid-July and we haven't heard a word. We wrote soon after

to Lunar HQ in Preston about the elbows, lack of warranties and other

things and still no rwritten reply. The only response was in mid-

September when the Sales Manager phoned to say our letter were being

dealt with and we wouuld hear in a couple of days. Still waiting.

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