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I only ever holiday in the UK,
So how do you know that there isn't somewhere better in the rest of

In Warm & Sunny Spain
It's not so much "better" or "worse" - it's "different" and that in itself is worth experiencing.

I like the UK - it's given me a good standard of living and, in the main, is run in a reasonable manner despite our minor moans about height bars and parking fees. It has another major advantage in operating in the same language as I speak!

However, I also like parts of most of the other countries I have visited - and that's the beauty of owning a MH. It doesn't have to be one or t'other. I can more or less go where I fancy and stop as long or as short a time as I fancy.

Last month I was sitting in Calais in the rain and wind. Our plan had been the longest ever Dover to Calais crossing (involved a Dover to Dover round Britain cruise!) followed by a week in northern France. The weather forecast was poor but the next day it was brilliant sunshine and 30 degrees - because we'd driven to the Med.

In a grey, wet and cold England, where today warm, sunny Spain sounds very attractive!
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