After my visit to your country

clara pascual

Hello everybody!!!
First of all, thanks you all. My trip was fantastic due to your advices. I want also give specials regards to two members that helped me a lot: Carol Weaver and Alec.
Alec now is one of my friends, because we had the chance to be together several days, and we did part of the trip together!!!!
Unfortunately, I could not meet Carol,and no one of you either.
Finally, in 36 days, we didn´t saw Devon and Cornwall,South Wales, The Lake district, and only part of Scotland. I never had fears and insecurities, we always felt secure and confortable...Except fridays and saturdays nights, when some young people used their cars and motorbikes to do tremendous noises!!! But this is the same in every single part in the world.

We only used camp sites 4 days, and that because we felt like rest a little more, and gave our children the opportunity of run and run...Those

campsites were Holidays Sites of CCC (thanks again, Carol). Cheap and absolutely wonderful. We stayed in one of them two days. It was in North Wales, near Conwy Castle. We felt really happy there, met english people, learned some things about England....Finally, they gave us some presents of their club!!!

So, we did wildcamping 32 days...And it's not as difficult to do as I thougt.

Prizes are similar in Spain, except for tobacco, alcohol and fruits. But clothes, books,and some other things are much more cheaper there than here, and your salaries are 2 or 3 times bigger (my english again...I mean, if my wage is 30, in England the same work is 60 or 90!!! isn't it??).
So, something is wrong here in Spain.

We bought the Great British Heritage pass. 157 pounds for a family per a month. It was an excellent idea, we saw lots of incredibles places, and if we did not had the pass, we'd payed at least 800 pounds to see the same places.

What I hated in GB was that we must to pay in all, ALL, the parkings!!!!!!! And some days, we visited 3 or 4 different places. So, pay 4 times!!!
I don´t understand that point. In Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, ( the places that I visited with my MH), you only have to pay in some places, ...

Despite this little subject, I love your country, and I want to return, perhaps this year...

I'm going to try to attach an autoroute file with the itinerary we did.But, I dont know if I'm going to be able.

Best regards, and good night!!

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Yes. The one and only.

Nr Peniscola, made a lot of friends out there and the red wine is not so bad, can't wait to go.

Still thinking, but it looks as though I will go the long way round and go via the French Alps first, for a bit of landscape photography, otherwise straight down the middle and over the Millau Bridge.

Why don't you and dil join me at some point.


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"I'm off next week to Spain for the winter"

Lucky devil! Where this time?

Must be the same Clive surely?

Best regards

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