Re: [MH-list] European Fuel Price Comparison

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 1/10/08 10:16, "Tim Atkinson" <tim@...> wrote:

The prices for France and Belgium seem inflated -
According to the diesel price at Auchan in Calais
was 1€375 on 24/9/08. But French prices change through the day, let alone by
the day.

... my back of an envelope calculation worked out it was still cheaper to fill
up in france than the UK but pretty much only due to the euro-sterling
exchange rate
The exchange rate is rubbish. Even with Nationwide! But 8, 9, or 10 Pence a
litre is a decent saving. Just imagine if we had gone into the Euro at 51P a
go! However, filling right up could effect your mpg. Don't forget to drain
your grey water, empty your potty, and just have enough fresh water to get

As an aside on that trip, we stayed on an amazing Aire at Stenay about
30 miles north of Verdun - 7 euros a night for parking inc electric
hookup, toilets and showers thrown in - I've paid a lot more to stay on
much worse campsites...
It was only 5€00 a while ago. Inflation, I guess.

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