Re: [MH-list] European Fuel Price Comparison

Neill King \(MH-List\)

I believe there is a Europe wide move to increase the price of diesel more
than petrol.

One of the problems of comparison is the much greater variation of prices in
France. By way of example, on our trip to the Loire in August the cheapest
diesel was 124.8 E/l in a large supermarche, the mid range in big brand
garages and easy to find on main roads was 136-139, and on the Autoroutes it
was commonly 144-149.

Their mid range 139e was the equivalent of 109p at the time and we were then
paying 133.9p in similar garages here. (~18%). I've never found the
equivalent of their cheap supermarket fuel here, maybe the nearest is when
one of them do a short term 5p off deal if you buy £50 worth of shopping but
that hardly gets close to the ~98p/l we paid for our cheapest fill.

Re "pretty much only due to the euro-sterling exchange rate" ... course it
is. Since our masters devalued the pound (again!) against the Euro by 15%
this year - we get fewer dollars for our dosh than they do for theirs and so
pay ~15% more than them for barrels of oil! All that before any tax

Particularly galling for those of us who know we are Europeans and should
always have been in the European system, this particular European has seen
three similar devaluations of the pound due to our determination to be
different to our European cousins - I was in Charente on 'black Wednesday'
and remember it particularly well.

Best regards

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