Re: [MH-list] European Fuel Price Comparison

Tim Atkinson

The prices for France and Belgium seem inflated - week before last I paid (1.something in the very low teens) for diesel in Belgium and (1.low mid 20's) at the Auchan in Calais sorry don't remember the exact figures though.

Although we did note that the prices varied wildly and got cheaper the closer you were to the coast - my back of an envelope calculation worked out it was still cheaper to fill up in france than the UK but pretty much only due to the euro-sterling exchange rate

As an aside on that trip, we stayed on an amazing Aire at Stenay about 30 miles north of Verdun - 7 euros a night for parking inc electric hookup, toilets and showers thrown in - I've paid a lot more to stay on much worse campsites...



Don Madge wrote:

I've been doing some checking on the cost of fuel in Europe and was
surprised to find that in many countries diesel is now more expensive than

The Price Comparisons - Surveyed in September
See <>

Another surprise was the diesel in Switzerland is on a par with Luxembourg
and the petrol was cheaper.

I don't know when in September these figures were put together but given
today's economical climate they could be way out. I just use them to compare
prices between countries that I will be travelling through.

Safe travelling.


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