Re: [MH-list] Parking in Blackpool

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 30/9/08 14:21, "Fredthegaffer" <fredthegaffer@...> wrote:

Has anyone stayed there recently and know if they ban overnight sleeping in
that coach park?
Hi Fred

When we went to Blackpool, we stayed on Princes Way. It is right next to the
beach about 4 miles north of Blackpool itself. Go north on the Promenade.
There is a one way road on the left. Right opposite Wilvere Drive. As you
turn off there is a public loo - emptying cassettes for the use of. Water,
too, I think.

Sat-Nav - 53º52'00" N, 03º02'53" W.

There were several other vans there and nobody bothered us. Certainly did
not cost £20.

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