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Actually, that depends on the design :-)

Back in the mid 70's when I worked in Australia I fitted an home made Bull-bar to our new (secondhand) Ranger Rover and then drove from Ballarat Vic to Derby WA via Sydney and Darwin to start a new job above the 23rd parallel. Roo-Bars were an essential protection in the outback where there is no fencing between the road (read track) and the open range. Unfortunately, we had no money left, you see, the Range Rover was a covetous purchase of the sort made by the very young in conjunction with greedy banks who love HP :-) so I had to make my own RooBar from free bits.

I was short of bits (and very short of time) so I liberated (with permission) a set of hardened spring steel undercarriage legs from the quarantine store that had been removed from a two seat trainer aircraft made in NZ and Australia called a Victa Airtourer. The legs had been replaced because one of the pair had developed a hairline crack and, although still serviceable were now surplus. I managed to bolt the wheel end of the legs to each of the chassis members of the rangee at the bumper mounts so the leg sloped up and forward and then welded two pipes across the legs to make a Roo-Bar. I had to do it this way as the legs could not be drilled or otherwise modified due the hardening treatment. We then set off as only had a few days to drive the few thousand miles to Derby.

On our way across the desert at speed (140K) one dark night. We were running late you see, almost totally :-) late....
We met a herd of black cattle bests sleeping on the eight foot wide seal, we were still doing about fifty five mph when we connected with the side of one of these poor dumb animals. When it landed about two car lengths up the road its legs collapsed under it and it sat on its belly for a second before jumping up and running off into the night. At this point we collapsed into hysterical laughter as we realised the headlights were all still working, we were still running in a straight line down the seal, how-be-it all the wheels were locked up solid; and even the steer had run off. At that point I just planted the gas pedal and kept going.

The moral - fix a trampoline to the front of the MH and everybody is safe :-)

- Neil

On Thursday, May 29, 2003, at 10:47 Pacific/Auckland, Steve Latham wrote:

So do Pedestrians,Cyclists and motorcyclists.
Bull bars should be illegal

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Hi All,
If you remember last year I asked if anyone had any Bull-Bars for
Express/Ducato 1989, well I am still looking for some! <snipped>

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