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I also noticed that most if not all the stock has some big reductions
on it, so it seems they are trying to get the turnover up. Make of
that what you will but I wouldnt be putting any cash down as a
right now either uness I could drive the van away.
I feel that Hymer UK suffers from being owned by Brownhills. As a standalone dealership for Hymer and Neisman with an injection of customer relations training - it seems difficult to believe that it could fail. Perhaps ultimately that is the answer.

One thing that has always bothered me about Brownhills is how they can possibly fund their enormous stockholding.

I've dealt with Hymer (and Madisons before that) on and off for over 20 years. In the main I've had good vehicles and reasonable deals. They let themselves down in the way they deal with relatively minor problems - like Paul's fridge. There seems a reluctance to phone back or, for that matter, reply to any form of communication.

What then happens is that due to the way they operate, that relatively minor problem becomes a big issue with their customer and instead of being totally happy with the new van they become disillusioned.

In the early days of Madisons (John Lunt/Dave Allen) there were many failings but with small items they would often say "If you can, then get it fixed locally and send me the bill". They would then send a cheque to cover it. This often saved both the customer and themselves time and money.

Towards the end of last year and early this year they seemed to be improving - I was getting replies to phone calls and an attitude that they cared about minor problems. Since then staff have left and we are back to unreturned phoned calls to the extent that my last communication was by email, fax and letter! But it did get through!

It's a crying shame because they have good products and some excellent staff.

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