Re: [MH-list] Which Site Books (Europe)

Peter <brelades@...>

We will be going touring to Europe France/Benelux/Germany/Italy/Spain)
later this year and seek the groups recommendation on which site
books/directories would be best.

Nigel, having just returned from a two month wander, herewith a couple of
tips I wish I had known....First, in France, the departments (counties) are
very good at giving you information at the Tourist Offices, one in any
medium sized town, but only for their Department...we frequently found we
had virtually passed through an area when we got the information we could
have made use of, and, even though there may be something spectacular just
up the road, if it is in a different Department, they don't mention it....a
bit like Torquay,now ignored by the Devon tourist board since it became a
unitary authority. And go to a big Supermarket as soon as you get over the
expensive ditch and look for a magazine called "Vacances en Camping Car" by
Le Monde, costs 6 euros 40, and has forty itineries in France for
interesting tours plus 15 mini 3/4 day tours and a 12 page section with all
the Aires and maps thereof.....We found it a few days beforw we came home,
but it is coming with us next year. In French,obviously, but even with my
less than adequate knowledge I can make sense of most of it....For each
suggested tour, a list is given including addresses of Offices de Tourisme,
Restaurants, maps and guides,some sites and Aires de Service.Lots of colour
photos to whet ones' appetite. Look for it, and I am sure you will be
pleased. Safe travelling. Peter.

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