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Advice please! For many years we used a small gas barbeque about
size of a toolbox,with volcanic coals, originally bought in Canada.
It was compact and efficient, but after it's death the replacement
bought in this country (which looks very similar) and admittedly
cheap (£19.99)is very disappointing, cooking very slowly therefore
massacering all but very fatty foods. We want to invest in a good
one. What do you all use? We have looked at Beauclaire, Cadac etc
it seems to me that these are not really BBQ's at all, as they do
have coals. They seem to be outdoor cooking systems as such I
they appeal if you want to spend a lot of time cooking
whilst outside, perhaps if you spend long periods in hot climes or
your van kitchen is small or poorly equipped. We are lucky enough
have excellent conventional facilities in our van and it is a BBQ
need, at home we have a gas BBQ which cooks superbly. Can anyone
recommend a small one which is really good? Or any thoughts on
Beauclaire etc.?
never seen the point in having a barbie & me standing outside doing
the cooking when the other half wanted a m/home with full cooker


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