Martin [MH-list] America the land of Free Camping or as you call it wild camping


<"Can you give me some idea of the rental prices of M/Homes and
whether they still offer one way rentals. Also have you any URL's of
hirers in the States. I have no preference on <starting point but I
must see the Grand Canyon properly this time(last time 1am) also the
Hoover Dam and Yellowstone and even though I have twice been to Fla
never been to New Orleans or Graceland's or the Grand Old Opre. Any
help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Martin Essex UK"

Help cometh, I have 3 URLs for you; I got them all
from "Motor Home Rentals" that's is all I typed in for an address,
and search, there nearly 1,00 companies renting motor homes. The
first two can be one way with an extra charge the same as a car.
1. Adventure Tours Rental @ or
by phone 00-866-4672-4672 and ask for, Janet, I believe it is a free
call from England.
2. Motor Home Rentals www.motorhomerentals/ws
3. EZ RV Rentals
I hope all this helps, and if I can help more, I am here and willing.
And also Burff Engle, Ray and Geri, Ernie Bull besides
Martin can get on a British Airlines flight nonstop to Seattle, give
me a call and I will show you around. No room in the house right
now, my Grandson is with us and my Oldest Daughter just sold her
home in Venture CA. and she and her husband will be staying with us
for awhile, while they find a new home here in the Beautiful North
West. So there is no room at the Inn or Pub until next spring.
We have our N.I.M.B.Y .too Ernie and prejudices - both real
and imaginary are every where we write or speak, and some times just
through our own ignorance's. My wife Marlene scolded me for saying
in my original letter "Our Indians", as she reminded me they are not
mine any more then I am theirs. RALF or truly Ralph Moore Robinson
ps I don't believe it went as "Reply"

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