Re: [MH-list] Using "REPLY" OT


And if you are doing it from the site, you will see above the
dialogue box there are two boxes you can change the content of. One
is the recipient's box. If you are replying to a subject using
the 'Reply' button and want everyone to see it, then you will see
that the box already says To: If you
scroll down the box, using the arrow to the right side of it, you
will than have two further choices of recipient. The first one will
be the person who wrote the subject to which you are replying - so
for me it would be musicalj2@y...... or something similar. The third
one is to; this will put you
directly in touch with Andy Clarke, the hero who runs this list and
generally tries to keep us all under control. Occasionally. ;-)

As for the subject matter, it will come up as (in this case) Re:[MH-
List] Using "REPLY". You can delete that or add to it, as I have now
done by addin OT (Off-Topic) to it, just to show you.



--- In, "Buff Eagle" <buff@b...> wrote:
Yup :0) You can reply individually if you want to by looking for
properties of someone's own email address, but it is usual to reply
to us
all so we can all benefit from what you say. Whatever you do,
don't give us
all your own personal address, or we will ALL come and stay with

Buff :0)

Can I reply to an indivial by entering the "REPLY" and sending my
message to him and all others on the MH List? I have always gone
back and Posted a new Subject. Thank You RALF

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