[MH-list] Re: Fiat or Ford

David McMillan

This has been documented previously on this news group by Stephen
Buckley (AFAIR). The problem was a faulty potentiometer on the
accelerator. Although this was diagnosed and replaced the problem was
not cured because they failed to clear the memory of the EMS. When
advised of this they pointed a finger of suspicion at the cruise
control, claiming it was causing the problem. This then had to be
disconnected to prove that it wasn't the cause. In the end they had
to bring an expert over to NI from Fiat GB. The whole story is too
long to print here but it would make a good Brian Rix Farce!

--- In motorhome-list@yahoogroups.com, "paul phipps" <pphipps@c...>
David said......."The problem with the intermittent power loss took
9 visits over a
period of 5 months before it was finally put to rest."

and what did the problem turn out to be David?

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