Re: [MH-list] Fiat fuel filler

paul phipps <pphipps@...>

Ralph said......"I wrote recently about the trouble I've had with the fuel filler on my Fiat
based Hymer B564. Just to follow up, I found that the rubber hose between the body filler
"hole" and the tank pipe was crushed and perished .
Getting to it was no easy job as it entails removing the plastic wheel arch
which is heavily sealed with some sort of mastic but once there it was
relatively easy to repair. Just been down and filled the tank and it didn't
hiccup once."

That was the same with mine Ralph. Was the mastic sealing utterly essential in your opinion? The reason I'm asking is that the repair on mine was effected by the Fiat agent and not Hymer and I suspect that the Fiat man would not be too bothered to replace the mastic! Why have I suddenly got that sinking feeling again?


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