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Well Ralf you have finally done it. You have convinced me that I have got to
go back to the States one more time.
Way back in 1965 I flew from Heathrow to NYC(so interested I had seen the
city from Brooklyn to Coney Island in 3 days then got a Trailways bus to Los
Angeles stopping in Pittsburg, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Kansas,
Dallas, Alberquerqe, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.(offered a job in the four
queens Las Vegas and turned it down, never stopped kicking myself since)
Thern in 1966 flew to NYC then on to Phiadelphia to rent a Budget Pinto and
drove down through Virginia, N and S Carolina Georgia and Florida to Key
West then Greyhound to San Francisco.
In 1967 considered a Winebago rental but at the time rentals were quite
expensive and time limited so flew into Miami not intending to travel any
further but the wanderlust got to me again and got AmTrack through Tampa,
Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc up to Niagra.
In 1969 flew in to LAX rented a car and drove up to San Francisco then down
to Mexico.
1970 flew to Kennedy then on a greyhound NW heading for Washington state via
Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana.
So I have not been to the States for 33 years.
Can you give me some idea of the rental prices of M/Homes and whether they
still offer one way rentals. Also have you any URL's of hirers in the
States. I have no preference on starting point but I must see the Grand
Canyon properly this time(last time 1am) also the Hoover Damm and
Yellowstone and even though I have twice been to Fla never been to New
Orleans or Gracelands or the Grand Old Opre.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Essex UK

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