Re: [MH-list] Gas storage tanks

Dave McGarry <d.mcgarry@...>

On Fri 30 May 2003 12:12:56 Tony wrote

I saw in one of the M/van magazines an advert for gas storage tanks
permanently mounted (for domestic use rather than Vehicle fuel) about
£250 or so. I am now unable to find the advert,
Are you thinking of an LPG tank (cost about £500) usually bolted or fixed to
the chassis
or such like or a refillable LPG bottle (cost about £220) that can be

Robin Dumpleton Ace AutoGas at Scunthorpe
Don suggested Robin Dumpleton above as a source of supply for a fitted LPG
tank. I have been trying to contact Robin (for nearly 3 weeks) at work, by
email and a message on his mobile to have a dual fuel tank fitted to my
Hymer. As yet he has not got back to me so I am assume he is not doing this
work any longer ­ unless someone knows differently!!!!!! I really did want
to give him the business.

As a follow on does anyone know of a reasonably priced quality supplier of
said tank within reasonable distance of Merseyside?

Dave McGarry

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