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Woops pressed wrong 'button' try again

I am not a skilled 'technician' but have been working on motor vehicles of
all sorts for too many years. My comments inserted below>>>>>>>

In a message dated 04/06/03 14:31:58 GMT Daylight Time, daz@dazcaz.co.uk
I have spoke to my friend John (a fellow list member) and he thought
that it might be the linkage.
If it's not a direct gear lever into gearbox style it could well be. If it's
one of those dash mounted levers even more so. I drove a Fiat van like that
recently and it was the worst gearchange I've ever experienced and I've driven
some 'dogs' in my time. It was hard to get any gears at all most of the time.

The dealer sent me to the garage who does it's work for them and they
just adjusted the clutch. This seemed to work, but a few days later it
happened again.
Hmm..... did it need adjusting I wonder, or was it 'poke and hope' ? but see
further down...

Homer has only done 17,000 miles. That's a very low for a commercial
vehicle's clutch to go, but the mechanic seems to think that the low
mileage could be the reason for premature failiure. He say that
Clutches can harden if not used.
This sounds to me like what is commonly known as 'bullshit'....... If the
clutch is cable operated, it could be a binding cable, or any of the mechanical
pivots binding, if it really is a clutch fault, that is. I assume it is cable,
as a hydraulically operated clutch would be self-adjusting anyway.

I have no problem with a slipping clutch, but the slightest depresion
of the clutch pedal will cause the clutch to slip. This usually only
happens when going up through the box.
This sounds like a maladjusted clutch. Was it like this before the mechanik
adjusted it, or only after............
There should be a slight free play on the pedal before anything happens:
usually about, say, a centimetre, but depends on the vehicle.

If it is being assumed that your clutch was not dissengaging properly,
causing your problem, there is no reason that I can think of which would cause the
problem in reverse gear only. I think that there probably is nothing wrong with
the clutch; or wasn't before it was 'adjusted' causing your 'slip' problem (
that is assuming that it wasn't there before ).

Having said all that; a slight difficulty engaging reverse gear from
stationary sometimes ( er, when else would you? ) is not uncommon. The reverse gears
are normally 'straight cut' and when attempting to engage the gears, if the two
teeth line up with each other they will not 'push' themselves into alignment
as will happen with the other gears.

My wifes Peugeot 306 is bad in this respect and often the gear will not
engage or will do so with a bit of crunching.
The remedy is simple. Before engaging reverse, select another gear, say
first: so, depress clutch, select first then while still holding clutch down bring
the lever into the reverse position. 'Snick'.

You say it is very intermittent, so I think this may be all it is: I hope so:
try it.......... if not........
My son is a senior technician at a Peugeot main dealer: he works on cars
mainly but may know your vehicle....If you need to, let me know exactly what it is
('Homer' may not be very meaningful to him :-)) ) and I'll ask him if he
knows of it being a comon problem.


Does anyone on the list have any thoughts on this problem? As I say it
only happens now and then. The last time it happened I thought that
I'd have to push Homer into his parking spot.

Homer less for 2 days and counting :(

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