Re: [MH-list] Reverse gear

Darren <daz@...>

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Does it grind when trying to get it in reverse?
Sometimes, but not always. When it won't go in it just won't go in.
But occasionally it will grind a little before it selects.

Can you get it in reverse with the engine
No. When it wont go in it makes no difference if I turn the engine off.

Can you get it in reverse using just the shaft at the transmission
with the linkage disconnected?
I haven't tried yet. I'll wait for the garge to finish messing around
with it before I have a go.

I don't get the usual "knucles hitting the dash" that is normally a
good sign of linkage wear.

A Peugot mechanic told me that the problem could be the reverse idler
gear playing up, but he wouldn't have thought so after only 17,000
mile, even if the van is 13 years old.

All of the other gears are fine. It goes through the box very easily.
There is little play in the gear stick (no more than in any long
stick). I never have to stir the box or anything that normally show wear.


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