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Edwards, Kerry <kerry.edwards@...>

I'm not familiar with a Talbot, but it seems to me that the kind of clutch
problem that would cause you not to get reverse would be a clutch that was
failing to release, but the symptoms you describe seem to indicate a clutch
that is releasing too easily. With that low a mileage, it would take a lot
to convince me that the problem is in the clutch. I would look elsewhere.
Does it grind when trying to get it in reverse? If it does, this would be a
good indication that the clutch is not releasing. If it doesn't, I don't
see how it can be the clutch. Can you get it in reverse with the engine
off? Can you get it in reverse using just the shaft at the transmission
with the linkage disconnected?

Kerry Edwards

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From: Darren
Sent: 6/4/2003 7:30 AM
Subject: [MH-list] Reverse gear

Our Talbot express based AS Harmonony (Homer) has deveolped an
annoying intermittant fault. Sometimes It refuses to go into reverse.
All of the other gears are fine but now and then I cannot select

I have spoke to my friend John (a fellow list member) and he thought
that it might be the linkage.
The dealer sent me to the garage who does it's work for them and they
just adjusted the clutch. This seemed to work, but a few days later it
happened again.

The garage has had Homer back now for a second time, but cannot find
anything wrong. The mechanic says that the only thing left to try is
fit a new clutch. To do this he has to get authorisation from the
dealer. As he can't say for certain that it's the clutch at fault, he
thinks that the dealer might not be too happy about this.

Homer has only done 17,000 miles. That's a very low for a commercial
vehicle's clutch to go, but the mechanic seems to think that the low
mileage could be the reason for premature failiure. He say that
Clutches can harden if not used.

I have no problem with a slipping clutch, but the slightest depresion
of the clutch pedal will cause the clutch to slip. This usually only
happens when going up through the box.

Does anyone on the list have any thoughts on this problem? As I say it
only happens now and then. The last time it happened I thought that
I'd have to push Homer into his parking spot.

Homer less for 2 days and counting :(

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