Re: Rear View Cameras


Having driven 38 tonne trucks for 27 years without a reversing
camera, nor being involved in a reversing accident I personally
them a waste of time - I'd rather spend the money on a holiday in
bus. But that's just my thoughts.
If there is a reversing camera system available that could also be
radio controlled to scan 360 degrees as a cctv security camera my
concerns would be that camera itself would be open to
I found a MicroMark CCTV system (camera, monitor that doubles as a
TV/Radio and 10 metres of cable) at a local discount store. Cost -
£39.95. I called MicroMark to see if the camera was
weatherproof. "Totally" And will it run off 12 volt (it came with a
mains plug transformer that put out 12v) "Yep - no problem!" Now
installed in the van and I have found it very useful. At that price
it was a bargain. It also has infra-red (so I can see my wife smoking
behind the van before bed!) and a microphone built into the cam so I
can hear her instructions. Don't think I would have paid £300+ but
for under £40....!

AndyH (Possibly the oldest boy-band in the

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