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Don Madge <donmadge@...>

On Tues 03 June 2003 09:22:36 Mike wrote

We are hoping to take our Elddis Aotoquest to Russia to visit Moscow and St
Petersburg. Have applied to Russian Embassy for visas, but understand they
need a detailed itinery. The problem here is that no-one seems to know the
location of campsites (if any), so it's difficult to plan in detail. Also
the AA tells us that there is no (or very little)unleaded petrol in Russia
and we run on this. Will we wreck the engine if we use leaded fuel?
Any tips and hints would be welcome.
Hi Mike,
We wanted to visit St Petersburg but after much planning and taking advice
from different organisations we decided to do the trip by rail from Helsinki
It's also possible to do a round trip Moscow/St Petersburg from Helsinki as
We were unable to get van or recovery insurance for the trip anyway.

We found it was a lot cheaper and easier to organise the trip in Helsinki
(the main tourist office have a section for such trips and are very
The trip (visas etc) took about four/five days to organise. In the mean time
we took a trip on the fast craft to Tallin, Estonia.

There is an suitable site in Helsinki where you can leave the van

We got a great deal of misleading information from tour companies in the UK
who do package tours to Russia.

I can give you a rough idea of prices if you are interested.



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