Re: [MH-list] Wild camping in France now illegal?

Trevor Mace <macet416@...>

Spot on. Just of the coat by La Rochelle now reached by big
bridge. As I recall plenty campsites etc.
Ah yes, but last week many were not open

Except for seasonal overcrowding, that is. We couldn't get a
pitch on a camp site, so we wild camped on the beach amidst
all the rubbish and in full earshot of sundry adolescent
mating rituals.
The local tourist office gave us a list of places where it WAS possible to
stop for just one night.

My original comment of it being difficult to wild camp was based on
experience of other parts of France and the many notices we saw this time
banning overnight stops by camping cars. We had never been to the Ile de Re
before and it was very quiet at the beginning of the week - I imagine that
in August it's dreadful! As teachers we normally are restricted to
July/August and our experiences last week encouraged us to look forward to

BTW I was rather stung by the phrase 'freeloader' as we do use campsites,
pay for our water/waste at Aires and last week negotiated with camp owners
on the cost of refilling tanks and dumping waste. This is on top of the
money we bring into the community by eating out and food/fuel/gas/present

Trevor Mace
CI Itaca

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