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Also, the home domestic tank only serves the hot system, so unless you
drink hot water from the hot tank, you are drinking water straight from
the street main. No storage involved.


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How important is it to have a special type of hose pipe (rather
than the common-or-garden green variety) for use when filling the
freshwater tank?

Hi Kate,
We fill our m/home tank with the good old green garden hose, but
always let it run on the garden for a minute to ensure fresh water
going into the tank, not water left in the hose from previous use.
We don't use water tablets or bottled water.
How many people worry about climbing into the attic and cleaning
their water tank at home?
So whats the difference with the motorhome tank?
The throughput in your domestic water tank means that the water in
there is refreshed practically every day; 9 litres every time you
flush the loo, 130 litres for the washing machine, 108 for the
dishwasher, 30 for a shower, 90 for a bath, over 200 per hour for a
garden hose left on, etc,etc.... Think about it. Just putting the
washing machine on for one cycle would deplete the capacity of most
motorhome tanks I think.

Not only this, but the water from your mains has already been
chlorinated or treated in a way which should minimize the risk from
any 'bugs'...

When you fill your MH tank, the water in there is carefully conserved
and used far more reservedly than it is at home, I think?
Consequently, ~I~ think there is a need to treat the stuff with a
healthy respect when it comes to actually using it for anything other
than washing.


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