GPS - but also maps in general

E.F. Webb <uptongreycat@...>

James Cheney writes "..... you can see on the map the severity of the curves ......."

Not so. At best you can see an indication, no more than that, of the severity of the curves.

Think about it & do some simple arithmetic. Depending on the scale of the sheet, the one feature which is not to scale is the road width & the smaller the scale the greater the problem. Given a complex road section the cartographer has two options - 1. to use up far too much area, or 2. to simplify. In real terms option 1 is not an option.

Anybody who sails into an unseen bend at an excessive speed will at some time fall off. In a rally car you may get away with it . In a motorhorhome - no chance.

As James says, use the map - or GPS - as "a great help", but don`t rely on it with your life without the confirmation of the eyeball.

Ernie Webb.

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