Re: [MH-list] GPS


Yes we have Tom Tom Navigator 2 software, and a Socket Bluetooth GPS
(Socket seems to be the name of the company that makes them) as it needs
wires in use, talks directly to the iPaq which is also Bluetooth
I have the same setup, but using an IPAQ 5450. I find the big advantage of
the bluetooth is that I can mount it in the roof vent and get excellent
satellite coverage in all conditions.

Just used it on a trip to Cote d'Azur via Grenoble and the Verdon, returning
via Burgundy and found it a great help as I was driving on my own on the
outward trip. It sometimes took me down smaller roads than I might have chosen
myself, but it always got me there.

One great advantage I found, particularly on very winding sections (eg
Grenoble to Gap) is that you can see on the map the severity of the curves before
you start to round them, which means that you don't have to cut the speed too
much for a shallow bend but you can slow right down for the hairpins.


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