Re: [MH-list] Is EBAY cheaper????

Andy Clarke <andy@...>

On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 21:20:33 +0100, Martin Villar wrote:

Thanks a lot to Buff Eagle and Dave for their helpful advice re GPS.
I bought infomap plus Haicom HI203(for the laptop) from Spotlight Global Positioning Systems(thanks Buff for the review) for just under 99.00 , but before I did I went on EBAY and found exactly the same new system from a seller, I bid until the bidding went to over 100.00 then ordered from Spotlight. The bidding went to 111.00 also the postage was 5.50 compared to Spotlight at 2.95.
So OK I only saved 14.60 but you would expect auctions to be cheaper.
You can get bargains on eBay, but you need to have done some research on
the prices that are available elsewhere.

I've recently bought a new replacement battery for my laptop on eBay,
from a seller in Canada - even with the shipping it was half the price of
a new one here in the UK. The best bargain I had was a faulty GPS12
(screen problem), I sent it to Garmin for a repair estimate and got a new
replacement under warranty!
I've bought from British, American and German sellers too, all with no
problems. I also sell on eBay, mostly computer stuff - I've a laser
printer on there at the moment.

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