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Buff Eagle <buff@...>

Hi Paul,

>What other gear do you have please and is that Tomtom Nav 2 you have?

Apologies to Ira and Roger for cribbing from an email I sent them recently .
. . . :0))))))

Remember, I know NOTHING about what I am talking about, and I would not have
been able to cobble our package/software together. It is Hugh that has the
ability to
make it all work. If it had been up to me I should have either
bought the Streetpilot III which is a 'plonk it on the dashboard and go'
job or the Navman iCN630 which is along the same lines and just out, and on
reflection my preferred option of the two. The Streetpilot is reviewed on
the Pocket GPS forum and the Navman is due to be reviewed soon.

Yes we have Tom Tom Navigator 2 software, and a Socket Bluetooth GPS
(Socket seems to be the name of the company that makes them) as it needs no
wires in use, talks directly to the iPaq which is also Bluetooth . . . but
it has a wire for recharging its
batteries which goes to the iPaq which in turn takes its power from the
ciggy socket. It is mentioned a lot on the PocketGPSforum as being a very
good GPS
receiver as far as fixing on satellites quickly is concerned even if in a
house, which I understand is the acid test! It can slip into your
bag/pocket in use. No wires in use. It is the size of aa box of
matches. Very light. We had a very nice friendly helpful conversation by
email with a charming chap called Leo at of You can see the receiver on the
left . . . the bad news it cost about 240 but we think you get what you pay
for. (reviewed on GPS forum)

We have got the iPaq 3970 which cost 399 which of course has loads of other

We have a compact Flash sleeve (for more rechargeable battery and greater
memory by installing the compact flash chip into the sleeve) for the iPaq
which slips/fixes
on the back of the iPaq so that we can download lots of maps into it, and
you see, it has proved an expensive but very worthwhile operation . This
card can also be used in our digital camera.

The iPaq is fixed to the dashboard via a cut down margarine tub, a few
inches of wooden dowling, some extra strength Velcro and of course some
sticky backed plastic!!!!

We have had to buy various bits of cable to make all this work, and to get
it to talk to the laptop, but if you are interested I suggest you go to the
GPS Pocket Forum where you will get lots and lots of very friendly help. I
appear as Buffy Beagle by the way and Hugh uses the same handle, but signs
off Hugh.

There is a beginners forum if that is appropriate for you, and once you get
interested in particular equipment then there are individual forums for each
product. There are reviews of the hardware and software and generally it is
a very comprehensive site. There are four voluntary members of 'staff' and
they are all very friendly and helpful.


Buff :0)

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