[MH-list] Re: Hilary's worms ( o.t. )


I dunno....leave you lot alone for a few hours and not only have I
got dead bugs and live ants, now I find I've got worms!!!!!!

The tilde sign is used in Spanish above the letter 'n' which means
the pronunciation is no longer a normal 'n' sound, more of a 'n-ye'(I
believe). Not being a Spanish speaker myself I can only think of
some of the more common words which most English-speaking people
understand as an example; senor and Espagna with the tilde across the
top of the 'n' become pronounced sen-yor and Espan-ya respectively.

But Buff is right, I use the worms for emphasis as in this format you
cannot write using italics or underlining, which then leaves CAPITALS
for emphasis, and heaven forbid anyone should think (as is
accepted 'netiquette'- and we've been there, done that thread) that I
am shouting at them if I do that.

--- In motorhome-list@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Whitworth" <tony.w@b...>

But Hilary is using it in places where an n is nowhere in site.
Perhaps Hilary and Steve are secretly driving buses around
Benidorm and not Oxford without letting on to the rest of us :o))
I,m sure all will be revealed when they finish there shifts later

The driving buses in Oxford is just a smoke screen
I'm sure they have won the lottery and are living it up in Spain
and on a World Tour with their new Autostar and Smart Car.
They are keeping quiet about the win because they just don't want
my begging letters.
Tongue in cheek.

I've never been to Spain...I'd like to go ~some~ day, but I'm a timid
traveller and like to have some smattering of the lingo before I go!
I'm still battling bravely with French! Although, come to think of
it, I lived in Hong Kong for nearly two years without ever learning
more than my destination for the taxi drivers and how to say 'thank
you' in Cantonese (I think!)...oh, and 'Happy New Year'...going to go
far on that, aren't I!

As for begging letters, Tony, we long ago decided that if we were to
come up with a HUGE win on the Lottery, yes, of course we would spoil
our friends summat rotten....and maybe we'd have an all-expenses paid
Meet...but a Meet for over a thousand people would take some
organising! ;-))


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