OT ants ( was:- Re: [MH-list] Re: Bugs are bugging me!


In a message dated 02/06/03 07:42:21 GMT Daylight Time, musicalj2@yahoo.co.uk

I'm doing my best to train the arachnids I ~can~ find to deal with
the ants we are presently invaded with
When infested with ants nests I tried all sorts of 'killers' including
several of 'Nippons'.
I had no results until I used the white puff powder ( also 'Nippon' if I
remember right ). It worked a treat: the ants came scrambling out of their nests
in the house cracks and died on the floor. Hoovered 'em up.
Although 'OT' you could of course get ants in your van and I think it is
supposed to work on other insects too.....


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