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What do people recommend to shift the horrible sticky mess bugs
make on the windscreen?


From another website I have seen this suggestion;
"Cover the windshield in cling wrap before starting your journey.
Remove cling wrap at the end of each day and dispose of
...................... the mind boggles!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmm.......Well, apart from the blurred vision I would think
that's OK until it rains - but what do you do with cling film wrapped
round your wipers??????!!!

Have you thought about trainning a team of spiders wearing baseball
gloves? They could catch the fly's and digest them, saving any mess
or waste.

I'm doing my best to train the arachnids I ~can~ find to deal with
the ants we are presently invaded with. What with flies on the
windscreen and ants in the house I'm beginning to develop a twitch!
I suppose the time to worry is when I start developing the extra

P.S............ any idea's on removing spider do do from a

What goes in must come out, eh? :-))


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