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Try waterproof B/w cctv(12v supply)69.99, colour129.99
order number L21AF or L22AF. I have the B/W on the luggage rail of my M/H
and find it a great help in reversing as I have a 20 foot boat trailer on
the back of a 22 foot M/H, only thing is to get used to a reversed
image(left is right etc.) or use a mirror

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Due to difficulty with the wiring on our existing trailer, made me think
that there must be a way to have a reliable radio frequency camera system on
the trailer for safety purposes both in parking and view of the following
traffic. Does anyone know of such a commercial system for vehicles? The
idea is that the camera on the trailer could act as a safety warning if the
view of the area surrounding the motor caravan was directed in the right
direction. Of course, it does mean that the trailer would need a 12 volt

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