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Hello everybody
I'm pleased to say that I am over the worst (ophthalmic shingles)
now and on the road to recovery. I'm told there should be no
permanent damage to my sight or my hearing, so that's a great
relief because I actually lost my sight in one eye for several hours.
Not a pleasant experience! Still on pain killers but back at work
for a few hours a day.
The present Bishop of Lincoln used to be our parish priest (I was the
organist at one of the churches he had to look after), and Archdeacon
of the Diocese of Ludlow when we lived in Shropshire. Before he came
to us he explained that he had had trouble with one eye and couldn't
see out of it any more, and also he didn't always hear everything
that was said clearly - although personally, I think he could have
heard a pin drop at fifty yards! So when he was 'promoted' to
Archdeacon, in his sermon at the service he expained all this along
with the role of Archdeacon, who has to look after the fabric of the
churches in the diocese and oversee and agree to any changes made to
the buildings and contents - amongst other things. He said he was in
an excellent position to be able to turn a blind eye to some things
and a deaf ear to others.....! :-))

But in the trade you're in, Stephen, you can't afford to do either,
so I'm glad you're well on the road to recovery. Take it steady!


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