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Hi Folks

I am thinking of selling my house and using the equity to buy a
(haven't decided on a large European or American RV) motorhome and
through France and Spain.
In that case, buy a large European - easier to get bits for and to be
repaired in Europe than an RV, especially as you are thinking of
travelling in Europe. Horses for courses - if I was going to
America, I'd think American!

I have a partner and two kids(+dog).
How often are you thinking of moving around? A free-standing awning
tent might be useful for storing bits. Do you need auxilliary
transport - bikes etc...How old are the kids? Schooling?

At the moment I live in Somerset and work in London - I have
my job and the house is on the market.
You're not completely mad, then.... ;-))

Unfortunately I probably don't have enough equity to buy a house
outright in Spain but since reading and getting 'into' MotorHomes I
am thinking that it may be possible to survive for up to two years
while we;

a: Learn the Lingo
b: Find out where we want to put down roots
c: just have a godamm adventure!

Have I gone barking mad or is this do-able!
I think you need to have a look at the companion site to this,

where people either have already done so or are actively
contemplating doing this sort of thing.

I would appreciate any thoughts and advice on this.
bty - hopefully I would have about £80000 but I would want to stash
at least £30000 for any 'egg on face' scenarios.
Have you thought about buying a small property to let while you are
away for that £30K - I believe there are still some to be had
somewhere in the UK!! You are then buying something that will
appreciate in value - hopefully - and will at any rate give you a
residential address in the UK which you might find necessary, and
also give you an income to keep you going while you are on your



PS No, you haven't gone barking mad; if I had the resources and
didn't have the need to work, I'd probably do the same thing!

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