Re: [MH-list] Portable tv . . . . 12 v

Buff Eagle <buff@...>

I don't imagine a tv is something we would use at all when we go abroad, but
for instance, we have just spent a very wet month in Scotland and sometimes
it would have been nice to have a tv. Mind you, the car radio didn't work on
Radio 4 (Home Service to me!!) when we were north of York so whether a tv
would work is questionable !!!

The only thing we watch on tv is West Wing and ER . . . . . . . and the odd
movie, which is why, unless the tv is a reasonably good one (to use as an
when we are at home), it wouldn't be worth getting! When we are away by
the time we have eaten and then I have beaten Hugh at cards, it is usually
time to call it a day ;0)

Thanks for all the help though . . . . . something to think about

Buff :0)

> 1) Do you use it abroad - I think a different system is needed there?
2) with very small units I recall that they have batteries and or
transformers - usually mains, and extra wires etc?

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