Have I gone mad?


Hi Folks

I am thinking of selling my house and using the equity to buy a large
(haven't decided on a large European or American RV) motorhome and go
through France and Spain.
I have a partner and two kids(+dog).
At the moment I live in Somerset and work in London - I have resigned
my job and the house is on the market.
Unfortunately I probably don't have enough equity to buy a house
outright in Spain but since reading and getting 'into' MotorHomes I
am thinking that it may be possible to survive for up to two years
while we;

a: Learn the Lingo
b: Find out where we want to put down roots
c: just have a godamm adventure!

Have I gone barking mad or is this do-able!

I would appreciate any thoughts and advice on this.
bty - hopefully I would have about £80000 but I would want to stash
at least £30000 for any 'egg on face' scenarios.

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