Re: [MH-list] Bugs are bugging me!


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In between car washes, I just squirt the windscreen washers and use
a pot
scourer if the bugs begin to bug me.
I was wondering about that - but surely even the ones for non-stick
pans craze the windscreen a little?

When I get the car serviced they wash & valet it then, without
extra charge
(yes I know I pay for it, but I don't get it cheaper if I
decline ....) so I
make sure it is filthy before the service :-)
Tee, hee....well, regardless of whether or not I clean Arfur before
the service, I expect that the night-time travel I'm currently having
to do will ensure there are still enough bodies on the bodywork and -
because the car park at work backs on to a building site - with the
access to it through our car park! - enough mud, grit and grot inside
as well to make it worth their while if they ~do~ valet it. I'm
going to have to wait a couple of hours for it while it's done - no
loan car available - so I shall see whether they valet or not. It's
the first time I've used them, but as they supplied the car.... and
the warranty conditions have to be fulfilled.....

You're not, by any chance, the sort who would have a cleaner in the
but would then stay up half the night getting the house straight
for the
cleaner in the morning? my mum used to! :-)) I can't afford such heady
luxuries as a 'woman wot does'; but every now and again I make a
point of inviting friends round just to galvanise myself into a spell
of frenetic activity with the duster and the vacuum - which is the
only 'cleaner' in this house! I keep saying we ought to go for the
minimalist approach; just doesn't seem to happen!


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