Re: [MH-list] Water Pump Filter


Thanks Andy......just the sort of detail one would expect to find in a book
about motorcaravans......:-)

I guess it's the later type. It is clear plastic and looks a bit like a
'mushroom' shape as far as I can see, torch and mirror job tomorrow.......


In a message dated 01/06/03 19:32:46 GMT Daylight Time, writes:
Assuming that you are referring to the external filter, the 'standard'
ShurFlo filter is in two halves, <snip>................There is a piece of
stainless steel mesh inside, it can be washed, no need to replace the
whole filter.

There is a much older type of filter that was used up to around 10 years
ago I think. If you have one of those it's held together by four thin
screws & nuts

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