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Just browsing, as one does, and came across a pocket sized tv.
When we are
away our daughter that lives with us kindly records a few key
programmes for
us, and we never seem to have time to watch them. Do any of you
experience of tiny televisions ('my newt' ones :0) !!!!)

and if so, to what
extent is it possible to get a picture. If anyone can recommend a
particular make or model, I would be grateful. When at home with
access to
a proper aerial, can you plug it in and get a better picture?

Am I right that you don't need a license for a black and white tv

Buff :0)

I have a Casio portable hand-held TV - unfortunately not with us so I
can't tell you the model number. I bought it for my mother whose
sight deteriorated in her last weeks to the point where she couldn't
see very clearly at all, and she found it useful. I used it for a
long time in the van before we bought the Thomson TV and had no
problems with it at all; the reception was good if you twiddled a bit
with the aerial, and the quality of the picture wasn't bad.

However....these things ~are~ 'hand-held', and therefore it makes it
difficult for more than one person to use it - unless you are sitting
straight in front of the screen the picture isn't very well defined -
it goes almost into a negative picture (like a photo neg). When
Himself came with me and we ~both~ wanted to watch the same programme
we had to cuddle up very close indeed!! ;-))

The sound - as in most small devices - is tinny, and I used it only
to watch the programmes I really would have missed if I hadn't seen
them, so to speak! You can use an earphone with them.

Pluses? You can run it of the 12v socket for aaaaages with minimal
drain on the battery. Minuses - apart from the above - use normal
batteries and it will cost you a fortune....

A black and white tv licence is £38.50.



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