[MH-list] Re: Portable tv . . . . 12 v

Darren <daz@...>

--- In motorhome-list@yahoogroups.com, "Buff Eagle" <buff@b...> wrote:
Thanks for all that Darren :0)

Do you think that this is the sort of thing you have now?


Buff :0)
That's the one! We got ours from a Thompson shop in Worcester.
Thompson sell factory reconditioned goods at sensible prices. The odd
cosmetic blemish now and then but the products tend to be fine.

We also bought (From Safeway) a portable DVD player with built in
screen for 249 quid. Very similar styling to the Tv and we can even
plug the DVD player into the TV, giving us two screens.... My 2 year
old son loves it.... He can now watch Thomas and Bob the builder
anywhere.... Great for keeping him quiet now and then :)


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