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Do any of you have
experience of tiny televisions ('my newt' ones :0) !!!!) and if so,
to >what
extent is it possible to get a picture.
We have had a couple of pocket TVs over the years. Those 2 inch screen
jobs. Both were made by Casio (I think) They had colour screens and
were quite good in all but very strong sunlight (so we never had a
problem with that). The tuning was by auto tune as soon as you turned
the set on. I could also plug in an external antenna if I needed.

On the small telescopic antena we had few problems with getting a
usable signal, but we could see the Sutton Colfield TV mast from our
house (though it was the other side of the city.) We used to take
theses TVs to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix and we never had
problems there either... But then again, Silverstone broadcast it's
own TV channel for the weekend....

The only real problem was trying to read text and captions, and
weather forecasts were a little difficult to follow.

I found that we could even watch films on them. After a while you seem
to adjust to such a small screen.

We now have an LCD screen TV, cost was about 150 quid and it has a
nice 5" screen. Quality is great and the viewing angle is much
Before this LCD TV we used a Radio cassette CD TV thing... It was only
a B+W screen but it worked really well... Only problem was it was too
big to store in our Dandy.


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