Is EBAY cheaper????

Martin Villar <MARTIN@...>

Thanks a lot to Buff Eagle and Dave for their helpful advice re GPS.
I bought infomap plus Haicom HI203(for the laptop) from Spotlight Global Positioning Systems(thanks Buff for the review) for just under 99.00 , but before I did I went on EBAY and found exactly the same new system from a seller, I bid until the bidding went to over 100.00 then ordered from Spotlight. The bidding went to 111.00 also the postage was 5.50 compared to Spotlight at 2.95.
So OK I only saved 14.60 but you would expect auctions to be cheaper.

On a separate note and I realise nothing to do with Motorhoming, I was wndering if there were any computer buffs out there that could help me.
I have a business website for my driving school that was built for me by a grateful pupil. I have the ftp codes for it and successfully updated it from time to time using Terrapin but it was time limited so went onto WS_FTP PRO and smart FTP but found that with neither programme could I establish a connection with the site to upload or update files.
I have Dreamweaver 4 and have been told there is a powerful FTP software programme in it but for the life of me I cannot find it.
Any help would be appreciated, but to leave this site free please reply to
Thanks Martin


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