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On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 12:09:14 EDT, wrote:

I have a 'SHURflo pump on my van.
I have just read in a 'motor caravan' book that this pump has a filter and
that it should be replaced each season. It shows a photo' of the pump and
filter, *but it does not tell you how to remove the filter from the pump*. What is
the point of that???????
I didn't buy the book; borrowed from the library, otherwise I'd be really

Anyway the question, obviously, is, how do I remove the filter: does it just
Access and the view of the pump is very restricted on my van: it's a case of
fumbling blindly......
Assuming that you are referring to the external filter, the 'standard'
ShurFlo filter is in two halves, one half is screwed on to the pump
inlet, the other half has the water pipe from the tank attached to it.
The two halves are held together in 'bayonet' fashion, to separate them,
hold the part that's attached to the pump and twist the other half about
1/8th of a turn anticlockwise, then just pull apart. There is a piece of
stainless steel mesh inside, it can be washed, no need to replace the
whole filter.

There is a much older type of filter that was used up to around 10 years
ago I think. If you have one of those it's held together by four thin
screws & nuts
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